Icssoma Farm is home to and the primary base of Well Trained Horses. Well Trained Horses was founded in 2008, and since then has established several satellite locations. A majority of Icssoma Farm’s activities, are associated with Well Trained Horses activities, while the rest of time Icssoma Farm provides riding lessons and a kids summer camp. A percentage of Icssoma Farm’s profits goes to support Well Trained Horses.
Horse Rescue Stories

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Riding lessons are designed for all ages and backgrounds to learn horse riding skills, build confidence and have fun with horses! We offer English riding lessons, emphasizing dressage with natural horsemanship skills. Our lessons are geared for beginner to advanced. We do dressage, jumping, and trail riding. Our lessons are personalized for your abilities and interest.

Summer Camp

Camps at Icssoma Farm LLC offer an opportunity for students to receive individual attention in a carefully designed program. The program is tailored to safely build participants skills, strengths and confidence while having an opportunity for focused work on areas that need development. Students will have the unique opportunity to work with rescue horses, do ground work, and understand concepts involved in horse training.

(New) Adopt Dexter!

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