About This Project

Bluff had a successful racing career. But when he stopped winning, he was unruly and hard to handle away from the track. His nickname was “manhater”. When he was in his stall fear caused him to turn and spin endlessly . The “cure” for this behavior was to tie him with baling twine to hold him in place.

After a few false starts Bluff found his way to WTH. At first he couldn’t be easily approached at all, and then only by women. But after six months of slow, loving and deliberate care, Bluff was open to being approached and handled by men.

After two years and much work, Bluff grew to be a trusting, gentle and confident horse. He is genuinely curious about his surroundings and seeks out attention by nuzzling and reaching out to anyone who approaches him.

Bluff was ready for the last step of his rehabilitation – a new home and a new best friend for life. The two needs intersected when a call came from a person who had seen the ad about Bluff in Craigslist. The 1st meeting was set up and then a 2nd and then by the 3rd time the prospective owner knew Bluff was  he one and was ready to adopt him and give him a new forever, Home.

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