Rescue Stories
About This Project

Petie was a successful eventing horse who was worked so hard and so often he started to break down. But to his owners, competing and winning were more important than Petie’s health. He soon could hardly walk and he developed a bad back. His easy to get along with personality was a thing of the past. He found his way to WTH where nothing much was expected of him. Slowing he started coming around and could be successfully ridden and began loving trail rides. The physical attributes that made him a champion were gone but more importantly he became the lovable, kind, joyful and playful horse that he had been earlier in life. Petie was a favorite of the WTH volunteers and the people who were at WTH. It was one particular volunteer who was also riding him who saw his spirit and his heart and decided that she just had to have Petie in her life on a full time basis. Petie had now found his new forever, home.