Rescue Stories
About This Project

Phoenix was advertised as “free to a good home”. We try to follow up whenever we hear about “free” horses as often times unscrupulous people looking to make fast money will engage in illegal, outsourced slaughter. Phoenix had a good home. His previous owner told us how wonderful he was and how good he was on trail rides. But over time the trail rides stopped and so did the care he deserved. A leg injury then made it impossible for him to be ridden.

There are thousands of horses whose best years have passed. Interest turns to neglect and neglect makes their condition worse and then they are no longer sound. Their need is greater but their care is less.

By the time we we found out about Phoenix’s situation he was living in a field with only a goat for company. Because he couldn’t be ridden anymore his adoption opportunities were limited. But in the wonderful way that things can happen we were contacted by a woman who was looking for a companion horse too the one she already had. The best part about it was that she lived just down the road.

She came to see Phoenix and decided that he was an ideal match for her existing horse. It was a perfect match and Phoenix found his new forever home.